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3 Tips For Looking Good When Dancing!

1For most people, dancing is an inescapable fact of life that demands to be given importance in certain social situations, like a wedding or a clubhouse party. For others however, dancing is the most fun activity of their lives – an outlet to express their individuality and prowess on the dance floor.

Either way, you must remember you aren’t dancing just for yourself. As one of the oldest forms of entertainment, dancers have added pressure to look good on the stage while bashing some moves. One tip to keep in mind: Keep your moves original and the people will love you for it!

Don’t Worry (Too Much) About Other People

This is easier said than done especially if the social scenario is your wedding where you are supposed to take the stage for the first wedding dance. There will be nerves and expectations from the crowd of onlookers but remember this is your moment to shine. Stay relaxed and the music will guide your movements smoothly, without any bumps.

Keep Your Dance Moves Low-key and Toned Down

Clubbing with your friends? Don’t pull of moves you know nothing about just for the sake of ‘looking cool’. There is nothing cool about a poorly executed dance move. Unless and until you aren’t 100% sure that doing a certain move will make you look good, don’t go ahead with it!

Practice Dancing in Different Scenarios

Figuring out how to move your body to different rhythms and dance styles isn’t the only consideration dancers are faced with. There are numerous situations where you will need to dance — your wedding, a night of clubbing or even at a friend’s wedding. You must consider all these scenarios before shaking your hips and bringing out the big moves. Are you: 

1– Dancing on a floor where there is lots of room?

You have all the space that you will need to bust out the big and showy moves. On the other hand, having too much space to work at can leave you feeling exposed and a little self-conscious. Do what you are most comfortable with in either case.    

– Dancing on a crowded dance floor?

Obviously your moves will be restricted on a crowded dance floor. Forget making intricate dance steps that require a lot of foot movement. Plant your feet firmly rooted to the dance floor and don’t swing your arms too much!

Practice dancing like this in an empty room, with club music blaring in the background. This will let you find a sure rhythm to dance at without losing tempo.

– Dancing face to face (and close) with a partner?

It is all about keeping good posture when ballroom dancing, with a partner. Good posture means upper body (arms and shoulders) mustn’t be loose. Some dancers also have the habit of focusing on their feet when dancing. This prevents your partner from leading or following you effectively because of misguided communication.

Dancing is a form of expression and can be improved upon if needed. Practice makes perfect which is why joining a professional dance studio can help beginner dancers find an even footing in any dance number, while looking good. Take a look at the class schedule; call us now for more information at (301) 424-0007 or  sign up for a private dance lesson today!