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Ballroom Dancing Levels And Standards

  • Ballroom Dancing Levels And Standards

    There are standards that exist in dance education, and each standard or level represents a certain type of a dancer. These levels are accepted all over the world, and most established dance studios follow these levels in dancing. You would need to (in most cases) pass...
  • Being Able To Ballroom Dance Anywhere

    There is an amazingly great feeling that you will experience when you feel how you belong. You can dance all night if you wish. As you find yourself not intimidated by any dance, and you dance non-stop, people tend to give you space to dance. Some will sit down to...
  • Why You Should Learn To Dance The Tango

    I have previously mentioned the ballroom dance called Tango, and I even suggested adding it to the list of dances you learn. There are many reasons and advantages for doing this. Tango is a very unique and special dance. More than anything else, Tango teaches control...
  • Ballroom Dances You Should Learn

    I am trying to share with you what I have learned through all the years that I have been doing this. I am hoping that it would help you learn something about what goes into becoming a better dancer. If you just started reading this, I would urge you to perhaps go to...
  • Learn The Primary Ballroom Dances

    Last Fourth of July, as we were waiting for the fireworks to begin, they were playing live music over the loudspeakers, and people were sitting on the grass waiting. The music was upbeat, and since I knew what dance was appropriate to dance to the song (it was a...