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Being Able To Ballroom Dance Anywhere

There is an amazingly great feeling that you will experience when you feel how you belong. You can dance all night if you wish. As you find yourself not intimidated by any dance, and you dance non-stop, people tend to give you space to dance. Some will sit down to watch you, but most will clear a space for you to dance because you know what you are doing, and you can dance. Learning to dance (and learning to do it well) takes time and is expensive. As I already mentioned, you need to accept that it will take at least a year to a year and a half just to become comfortable. There will be frustrating moments in learning. It is hard work, and it takes time. But the moment that you are on that dance floor and you know that you can dance is much like the feeling you had the first time that you rode solo on your bike. Nothing matches this feeling. Suddenly all the time, effort, etc., that you put into your dancing to get this far becomes insignificant compared to what you feel and how you feel at that moment. I am not saying this because dancing is my life. Any student who has reached this stage has literally echoed the same sentiments.

Being a good dancer is an amazing feeling. I have learned and noticed that once people become good dancers they typically tend to stand differently, and even walk differently. I have also noticed that as people become good dancers their outlook on life changes. Sometimes the wardrobe changes. It is almost as if they become introduced to themselves and learn to appreciate themselves more.

I use the term “becoming a good dancer”. This term is, of course, very relative and depends on whose perspective we are looking at. Most newcomers think that a good dancer is a professional, and perhaps in some ways that is accurate. But, in reality, the majority of people have not had formal dance instruction. And so, a good dancer to that frame of reference is someone who can recognize what dance the music is. A good dancer is someone who doesn’t think of what pattern to do next, or what patterns belong to which dance. He or she does not have to count the beats to themselves, and is able to carry on a conversation while dancing. Basically, to me, a good dancer is someone who is comfortable on the dance floor, dances naturally looking and feeling as if they have been dancing their whole life. A good dancer looks comfortable on the dance floor.

Usually to reach this point takes an average of at least a year and a half based on coming in to at least one private dance lesson and one group class per week. This level of dancing actually has a term in dance levels.