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Make A Dazzling First Impression With The Fancy Foxtrot


We’ve all been there. Sitting alone in a gloomy corner, all dressed up against a fancy backdrop, tuxedos and gorgeous dresses, a live band, spacious dance floor. You pretend to look busy as you type out a stream of incoherent words in your message box, addressed to no one.

The band plays your favorite song as a charming stranger interrupts your conversation with your cell-phone, asking for a dance.

That smile; that lovely, beaming smile. You look around to make sure you’re the one being spoken to. A gesture that provokes sweet, innocent laughter. Of course, it’s you they want to dance with – just look at you! Dressed impeccably, wearing the most alluring scent – a hidden gem someone finally managed to discover. You feel confident as you catch your reflection in your champagne glass.

You stand up, holding the enchanting stranger’s hand and taking center stage as you begin to sway – nay – glide effortlessly across the floor.

The band seems to notice your entrance, however. And almost like a cruel conspiracy, plays an old Sinatra track that demands disciplined movement, rhythm and grace. You laugh nervously, and attempt to adapt.

Lo and behold! That beaming smile turns into a disappointed frown.

“It’s okay; I’ll find someone else to dance with.”

You stand there, cold and abandoned .The hurt. The betrayal.

You put away your dancing shoes and swear you’ll never dance again.

Until your next formal event, when another fascinating stranger invites you to the dance floor. The same dance floor where many a man lost the confidence to dance.

Do Away With Your Dancing Debacle


Ballroom dancing is about celebrating music and partnership, living in the moment and letting go of all anxieties. It’s normal to feel an enormous amount of pressure if your partner holds certain expectations on the dance floor. But it’s certainly not much to live up to if you’re simply familiar with the basics.

There are several types of ballroom dancing; from the seductive Merengue to the playful Cha Cha. Swing, Rumba Bolero, Tango – each with its own unique emphasis on grace and discipline. If you’re new to ballroom dancing and want to make a lasting impression on a dancing partner, learn the two-step quickness and poise of the fancy Foxtrot!

The most social of all ballroom dance, Foxtrot is rightly termed a “first impression dance” due to the casual, yet intimate nature, of the footwork involved. It even allows you to talk during the dance as your body takes care of the rest, adhering loosely to the principles of Waltz.

Sound too good to be true? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! Now and Then Dance Studios offers professional dance lessons in ballroom dancing. We’ve converted a number of ballroom skeptics and disillusioned dancers such as yourself into impressive maestros.

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