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There’s A Dancer In All Of Us

1Taking your first dance steps can be scary and intimidating if you haven’t much practice with dancing. You should keep in mind however that dancing isn’t difficult at all! Just a few turns here, a swivel of the hip there accompanied with a head toss. Sure, dancing for beginners is easier but can still be pretty intimidating, especially if you are expected to take the ‘stage’ for your first wedding dance.

Learning how to dance should be fun and easy! Take help from professional dance instructors and brush up your skills to use on the dance floor of your wedding or another social event.

Unleash the dancer from deep inside by following this advice:

Learn Different Types of Dance

Just as in music, there are numerous different dancing styles and genres that will surely confuse you when it comes to deciding which to try and learn. The simple answer is to try all styles of dance or at least primary ballroom dance styles such as foxtrot, waltz, rumba, mambo, swing, disco and others.

Yes, excelling at one dance style will require years of practice but you can gain confidence and an edge of the dance floor by being adept in several types of dance. This will also help you find the style you love!

Don’t Look Down While Dancing!

Beginner dancers make the mistake of looking down at their feet while dancing. Not only does this affect overall dance posture but increases chances of toe injury of their partner whose feet is trodden a lot.

Learning a new dance as a beginner is difficult however remembering to look up when dancing will help a lot. Dancing is all about feeling, not seeing as most beginners believe and follow. Feel how the steps shift and morph into a beautiful and perfectly synchronized pattern!

Don’t Bounce too Much

Sometimes a song playing in the night club is too fast, making it difficult to even match a basic two-step to the rhythm. You are forced to dance to every other beat or half time. Dancing on fast songs for beginners is a nightmare which they survive by bouncing to keep in time with the fast steps.

Bouncing too much on fast songs will ruin the feel and flow of the dance routine. Ensure smoother, less bounce-y steps by subtly snapping your fingers, to keep in time with the rhythm.

Finally, relax and have fun. Yes, dancing in front of so many people is frightening for beginners however don’t let the stage fright keep you from having fun! Keep a relaxed and genuine smile on your face and let the tune guide your steps!

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