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Why You Should Learn To Dance The Tango

I have previously mentioned the ballroom dance called Tango, and I even suggested adding it to the list of dances you learn. There are many reasons and advantages for doing this. Tango is a very unique and special dance. More than anything else, Tango teaches control in your dancing. Because of all of the technique that goes into Tango, you learn to control almost your entire body. Also, some of the technique that the Tango offers you transfers into all the other dances (especially Fox Trot and Waltz). So, even if you never dance it (which I promise you that once you learn Tango you will use it a lot), Tango is useful to know because of what you get out of it. Tango and Waltz should be almost thought of like formal clothes. You may wear a tuxedo or a gown a few times each year, but you need to own one because you will need it and use it. The same goes with Tango and Waltz.

Another reason for learning Tango (as well as the other dances) is that when you go out to dance, most people are not good dancers. So, when good dancers step out onto the floor, the D.J. or especially the band loves it because now they have someone who will appreciate what they play, and usually they will start catering to the dancers, and will play music that is danceable.

Many times bands or D.J.’s stick to lots of Swings or “Top 40’s” music. But when they see a dancer on the floor, they have a chance to play all the other songs that they never get to play and enjoy playing. That is when they bring out the Rumbas and the Cha Chas, the Fox Trot, and even the Tango. When you know how to dance (and I don’t mean being a pro), and are comfortable and confident with your dancing, you own the dance floor and any dance situation. You are no longer intimidated by a dance or the dance floor or how many people are on the dance floor.