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About Our Adult Dance Classes For Men and Women

Teaching adults of all ages how to dance together since 1978

Students come to us for many reasons; sometimes couples come in all excited to prepare for an upcoming wedding. Other times people come in preparing for an upcoming trip or a family member’s wedding. And sometimes just to learn to dance for the sake of learning so they can have fun socially, or at times it is for a fun way to exercise. Single people come in looking for a new hobby, exercise or to improve their social skills, or to meet others.

Whatever the reasons are and have been for students walking through our doors, with our fun and simple method of instruction, we have managed to turn out great dancers. Our students tell us how they have become comfortable dancers and at ease in any social situation.

Our simple, easy and extremely fun method of instruction has been a success since day one. Let us show you! It is fast, it is easy, and it is lots of fun. And, it’s also okay if you don’t have a partner. Just bring your desire to learn, and our knowledgeable instructors will teach you how to dance. We want to become your dance studio. Take a moment and learn about us, our philosophy, and better yet, pick up the phone and let one of our professionals learn how we can make your dreams a reality. Make the call to reserve your free private lesson – CALL 301.424.0007.

Now & Then Dance Studios is your best resource for professional dance instruction for any occasion.

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