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The origin of Polka is not very clear. Some have the origin of Polka from Poland and others credit that to Germany. And as to a time frame, there are uncertainties.

Others say that it was imported from Bohemia and was made fashionable by the French. Polka embraces in its qualities the intimacy and the turns of the Waltz, with the vivacity of the Irish Jig.

Polka Dance Classes

The incredibly fun dance of Polka has two different versions. There is the Polish Polka and the German Polka – neither of which acknowledges the other. The main difference between the two types is that the Polish way has you drop on the fourth count, whereas the German way has you hop on the forth count. We teach the German way. If you have ever heard Polka music, then you know how lively and fast-paced it is. the vigorous and unforgettable rhythm, the fast da-da-dum-dum, da-da-dum-dum in two-four time would make anyone want to take to the dance floor.

We teach the Polka in our dance school in Rockville as well as our dance school in Silver Spring and our dance school in Fairfax.

Polka Dancing