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We teach a variety of dance classes from ballroom to swing to salsa.  To help you get started, we offer a FREE lesson to anyone interested in learning how to dance.

The term “ballroom dancing” is a generic term. It refers to a group of dances that are used when out dancing socially. Perhaps during the big band era, a few dances were danced to the big bands in big ballrooms, and that is what … learn more.

Cha Cha is an American dance, but is Cuban in origin from around the late 1950’s as it is mostly copied from Mambo but the music is half the speed. Cha Cha is an amazing dance … learn more.

In the mid-1970’s Hustle was born, and like it was with the Swing, every day a new version of the dance was coming out. This was referred to as the touch Disco. similar to the Swing … learn more.

The Fox Trot is the foundation for so many of the social dances and ballroom dancing. It is enjoyed by all age groups as it is danced to the oldies as well as to some of today’s artists and top forties music … learn more.

Mambo is Cuban in origin. Now, who among us does not remember Ricky Ricardo from the hit t.v. show “I Love Lucy”?! Well, the one and only, Ricky Ricardo, is responsible for bringing Mambo … learn more.

Merengue is originally from Columbia, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. Depending on the region, the speed ranges from really slow to really fast. … learn more.

The origin of Polka is not very clear. Some have the origin of Polka from Poland and others credit that to Germany. And as to a time frame, there are uncertainties. … learn more.

Rumba originated as a courtship and marriage dance in Cuba. Rumba is often referred to as the Latin wedding dance. Rumbas are very popular at most social outings. A good percent … learn more.

Rumba Bolero is danced on the 2 beat as we hold the one. The music is similar in nature to the Rumba but much slower. Since there are two different styles to dancing … learn more.

In the original Latin America form, the forward/backward motion of Salsa is done in diagonal or sideways with the 3-step weight change intact. There are many styles to Salsa, such as … learn more.

Samba is danced at carnivals and special occasions. The music sounds quite bouncy and it is one of two types of music that has an up beat first at the beginning of the measure … learn more.

As a smooth dance, Tango is danced in body contact and utilizes the heel or the ball of the foot and long reaching strides. But, there are also characteristics that are unique to Tango, such as … learn more.

The Swing comes from Fox Trot. During the big band era a clarinet player named Benny Goodman took the Fox Trot music and made it more upbeat. This paved the way for Swing to evolve from the changes … learn more.

Viennese Waltz is also thought to have originated in Mid-Europe and its music was and still is fast-moving, to say the least. It is fast in tempo and sends couples whirling around … learn more.

This is a beautiful and elegant dance. The origin of Waltz is not clear, though it dates back to the 1700 and is believed to have come from parts of Europe. … learn more.