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Fox Trot

guy and girl doing the fox trot

The footwork and posture which this dance will develop for you will make you the admiration of everyone. The Fox Trot is considered one of the essential dances to have in your repertoire of dances.

Fox Trot

Whenever you’re at a social event that has a mix of different dance music you’ll be sure to hear a Fox Trot. It’s one of the most played dances at most occasions. Fox Trot is also popular as a first dance for weddings. It was invented by a man named Harry Fox in England and as a dance to be done by commoners, as the Waltz which was the most popular dance at the period of its advent was exclusively danced by the aristocrats. The Fox Trot was later imported to the States. While some of the earlier patterns are considered fairly simple (not including the styling and technique), the more advanced patterns (in Silver and Gold ) are some of the most advanced in dancing.

Fox Trot is danced in 2/4 timing. The music is played with a steady 1234 drum beat in the background. the melody continues smoothly in spite of the beat. the one and the three beats are usually emphasized, even though the melody is predominant. The Fox Trot is considered a first impression dance. The Fox Trot is generally the first dance you want to dance with anyone to know if you want to dance with that person again. Fox Trot also has a few dances that come from it like the Swing and the Peabody.

As one of the ballroom dances that we teach on our Rockville dance studio as well as our Silver Spring dance studio and Fairfax dance studio, the Fox Trot is considered a smooth dance. This means that the dancers are expected to demonstrate long reaching steps, using the ball or the heel of the foot and since the Fox Trot is danced in body contact the frame then is much wider.

The Fox Trot is the foundation for so many of the social dances and ballroom dancing. It is enjoyed by all age groups as it is danced to the oldies as well as to some of today’s artists and top forties music.

Fancy footwork and posture are what define Foxtrot. If you’re planning on attending a formal event featuring a live band, and you’re expected to show up in a tux, you can bet you’ll have to break out your Fox-trotting moves at least once!

Be prepared! Treat yourself to some fabulous foxtrot dance lessons at Now and Then Dance Studios before the big night!