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Cha Cha

Cha Cha Dance Lessons

Since Americans could not feel the beat from Mambo, they invented Cha Cha. Cha Cha is an American dance, but is Cuban in origin from around the late 1950’s as it is mostly copied from Mambo but the music is half the speed.

Cha Cha is an amazing dance and a very versatile one as it can be danced to traditional Cha Cha music as well as to top forty, Disco music. The music is so exciting that it is almost impossible to sit still. The melody is broken up with the beats. Cha Cha is danced on the down beat (the one.) It is strongly syncopated on the 4 beat.

Cha Cha teaches styling, control, spins and turns as well as self interpretation as some patterns are danced in a shine position apart from the partner. This allows for more of a freedom of expression to what the music offers as you can do anything that the music makes you feel like doing and, this is tremendous also for developing self-confidence.

As a rhythm dance Cha Cha incorporates flat foot work, Cuban Motion, small steps, and since there is no body contact in the frame, the frame is a lot narrower.

We offer the Cha Cha through dance instruction in Rockville Maryland as well as dance instruction in Silver Spring Maryland and dance instruction in Fairfax Virginia.”

Very few styles of ballroom dance give you the room to use interpretation as an artistic device. Cha cha is one such style, and it’s precisely what makes this quintessential American dance so much fun!

However, if you think that gives you the license to get away with unsightly movement, you couldn’t be more wrong! Develop your self-confidence and dance in style by taking classes from our experts at Now and Then Dance Studios!

group of adults learning how to cha cha