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Mambo is Cuban in origin. Now, who among us does not remember Ricky Ricardo from the hit t.v. show “I Love Lucy”? Well, the one and only, Ricky Ricardo, is responsible for bringing Mambo to the United States. Mambo is twice faster than Cha Cha but utilizes the same instruments used in Cha Cha music.

Mambo music takes the sexy, romantic Latin sound and the soothing melody and combines it with primitive beats of the drums to create the sense of this dance.

In Mambo the predominant beat is an accented second beat, but the one beat is still strong. It is danced on the down beat (the two beat) and it is fast.

We teach the Mambo at our dance studio in Silver Spring as well as our dance studio in Rockville and our dance studio in Fairfax.

As another rhythm dance, it utilizes flat foot work, Cuban Motion and since it is not danced in body contact, the frame is much narrower.”

Offering a perfect cohesion of sensuality and grace, Mambo dancing allows you to find a careful balance between leading and following.

While rooted in Cha Cha, it holds its own unique place in the arena of ballroom dance that remains popular to this day. Contact our professionals for exclusive lessons at affordable rates.

Mambo Dancing