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This is a beautiful and elegant dance. The origin of Waltz is not clear, though it dates back to the 1700 and is believed to have come from parts of Europe. Some say that it was derived from the Polka and some say that it was derived from Strauss Waltzes. When Waltz began it was considered to be lewd due to the dance being done in body contact. Prior to the Waltz people did not dance in a formal dance position and dancing with each other in a frame, a man and a woman. Despite the stigma associated with it at the time it became incredibly popular and now is considered to be a very proper and formal dance.

Waltz is often called the champagne of dances only because it is often reserved for special occasions. Waltz is generally the dance that is used for formal occasions as an anniversary dance, a special occasion dance and also as a first dance. Waltz music is beautiful and dreamy.

In the United States, Waltz is called just that – Waltz. In other parts of the world it goes by the names American Waltz, or Slow Waltz. Otherwise someone will assume you are talking about Viennese Waltz or Strauss Waltz, which is an entirely different dance. The easiest way you can tell the difference between the two types of music is the timing. Both are danced in 3/4 timing, but the difference is the beats per minute or the tempo. Waltz has 30 beats per minute, where Viennese Waltz has 60 beats per minute. Of course those are standard timings, but you may find some of them to be a little faster or slower.

From Waltz you end up learning grace and poise in your movements, and to dance as if your feet are barely touching the floor as though you were dancing in the clouds. The Waltz, apart from giving you balance and the power to spin with the greatest of ease, is airy in quality.

We offer wedding choreography in Maryland and wedding choreography in Virginia for the Waltz as requested.

The Waltz is a smooth dance which requires the couple to dance in body contact as well as taking long reaching steps, stepping with the heel or the ball of the foot.

A few of the characteristics that are associated with the Waltz are rise and fall as well as shoulder sway.

The grace and elegance associated so heavily with waltz is a reflection of a philosophy that runs much deeper than mere movement. Ultimately, this is a dance that celebrates poise, precision and discipline. If you want to learn the subtlety of ballroom dancing, register for waltz dance lessons at Now and Then Dance Studios to immerse in a world of sophisticated bliss.