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Rumba is of Cuban descent, arriving in the U.S. around the late 1920’s. Its original version was too risque to be danced socially.

Americanized Rumba music was made vastly popular with the song “Begin the Beguine” by Cole Porter in 1935. Shortly thereafter it was standardized by dance teachers in 1946 with the introduction of the box step. Now there are hundreds of patterns to this beautiful dance.

Rumba originated as a courtship and marriage dance in Cuba. Rumba is often referred to as the Latin wedding dance. Rumbas are very popular at most social outings. A good percent of the slower songs played are in fact typically Rumbas. The melody is predominant with a smooth and flowing sound which continues in spite of the beat. It is usually faster than the Cha Cha and the down beat isn’t as strong.

Rumba is a very versatile dance as it can be danced to traditional rumba music as well as to many of the slower top forty songs of today.

Rumba is a rhythm dance and so it is danced with the whole foot landing flat on the dance floor, it incorporates a lot of lower body motion (commonly called Cuban Motion.) The dance is not danced in contact, therefore the frame is much narrower than what it would be in smooth dances.

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As for the music, if you take the sexy, romantic Latin sound and the soothing melody and combine it with the exciting, titillating and primitive beats of the bongo drums you have the sense that rumba creates. Dancing the rumba to the Latin sound makes your sense of timing and muscular control as acute as possible and you’ll make any partner look good on the dance floor. Apart from being so popular and a “must”, the Rumba is going to add complete freedom of self-expression to your dancing. Not just with your feet, but with your entire body.

Very few dance disciplines offer a unique blend of freedom and style, the kind embodied by Rumba dancing. Bear in mind, however, that freedom to move does not mean this dancing tradition comes without a manual.

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