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Samba comes from Brazil. It has many different styles that are danced in different regions of Brazil. This is because the folk music is different for each region. The Samba danced in Brazil does not resemble American Samba. Samba was introduced to America by a dancer named Carmen Miranda in the 1950’s around the same time that Mambo was introduced to this country.

Samba is danced at carnivals and special occasions. The music sounds quite bouncy and it is one of two types of music that has an up beat first at the beginning of the measure.

Samba is danced with a strong Nonega motion and except for a few patterns, you never step on the heel of the foot as you travel. The Samba witll help bring out your personality on the dance floor as it is an amazingly animated dance full of life and vitality. We teach the samba through dance classes in Virginia and dance classes in Maryland.

As a rhythm dance Samba is not danced in body contact therefore, the frame is narrower than what it would be in smooth dances.”

Samba is perhaps the most versatile of dances due to the impromptu nature of its movement. Much of the dance relies largely on the beat of the music and the sudden rise and fall in pace as it ascends and descends in motion.

The richness of this exotic dance comes from the beautiful culture of its country of origins. Now and Then Dance Studios offers professional samba dance classes straight from the heart of Brazil.

Samba Dancing