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Rumba Bolero

Rumba Bolero Dancing

Rumba Bolero

Rumba Bolero is both sentimental and romantic. It is Cuban in origin, the music is slow and sweet as a ballad with a Spanish flavor. The patterns are derived from the Mambo and it is a very popular dance among good dancers. There is a subtle, syncopated beat in the background and it is a very slow dance. The melody is predominant. Rumba Bolero is danced on the 2 beat as we hold the one. The music is similar in nature to the Rumba but much slower.

Since there are two different styles to dancing, the American style and the International style, in most cases everything in one style is totally different from the other in a particular dance. But, Rumba Bolero dance patterns are the same in both the American style as well as the International style of dance.

We sometimes cover the Rumba Bolero in our dance instruction under Wedding dance instruction or wedding dance lessons as well.

Nothing says romance like the sweet, sentimental swaying of an intimate Rumba Bolero dance under the moonlight.

Leave a dazzling first impression on your partner by surrendering gracefully to the slow, seductive melodies of the music. As the carefully crafted delays build tension within every motion, you get the chance to embody the phrase “less is more”.

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