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Dance Overview

Learn How To Dance.

Disco dancing, ballroom, night club, social, partner dancing, hand dancing, Latin, fox trot, swing, sling, hustle, waltz, rumba, cha-cha, tango, mambo, polka, merengue, samba, salsa dancing, and dance classes for couples.

Research has proven the most successful method of learning to dance to be based on a combination of private instruction, group study, and supervised party practice sessions. Therefore, all of our programs consist of this combination.

Private Instructions

Personalized dance classes are designed to provide the personalized instruction that is needed to become the ideal dancer. During private lessons, the time is used to provide instruction in leading / following, technique, styling and other elements that require personal attention.

Group Classes

Group classes are designed to augment your private dance lessons. They consist of one instructor teaching a number of students. Here, patterns, music, and other material are presented to the class. You can then perfect what you are exposed to during the group lessons when you come to your private lessons and gain personalized attention by your private instructor. A calendar is available at the reception desk stating times, days, and the dances that are taught for each group class.

Dance Parties

Our Dance Studio offers:

  • Ballroom Dancing Lessons
  • Ballroom Dance Lessons
  • Wedding Dance Lessons
  • With convenient locations in Fairfax VA , Silver Spring and Rockville, MD.
Dance Party

Dance Parties

Music, dancing, and people are fun. Put all three together (which is what we did) and you have parties. Imagine yourself going to a party once a week, all year round. Dance parties and socials are planned for you throughout the year. There’s always something new happening, with new people to meet, and new things to do. This is also what our studio represents for our students. Every Friday night you are invited to a party exclusive to students like yourself. So now, the only thing you may worry about is what to wear to your next party.

The parties provide as valuable of a learning situation as the private and group instructions. Under a simulated nightclub setting, the music is played for all of the primary dances that we teach. This provides a good learning situation through dancing with all levels and types of partners. You have the opportunity to dance with your teacher, other teachers and students, or dance only with your own partner if you choose. This all takes place in a congenial, friendly atmosphere. A beautifully large floating dance floor, properly trained dancers, and the most perfect selection of music makes for an enjoyable evening each time. Each of our parties has a special theme, adding a special flavor to each party and making it more fun. Our calendars of activities at the reception desk provide information about each party.