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Viennese Waltz

Viennese Waltz

Like Polka, Waltz is also from Poland. Some believe that Waltz actually branched off from Polka and became Viennese Waltz which, believe it or not, is from Vienna. Viennese Waltz is also thought to have originated in Mid-Europe and its music was and still is fast-moving, to say the least. It is fast in tempo and sends couples whirling around the floor. when you hear the music, it paints a picture that all accomplished dancers can relate to. Viennese Waltz or “Strauss Waltz” then evolved into “Slow Waltz” (in Europe) or “American Waltz”. Both, Viennese Waltz and Waltz, use three four counts of music, but the main difference is that Viennese Waltz is twice faster than regular Waltz.

We teach the Viennese Waltz as one of the dances that are taught in our ballroom dance instruction curriculum in our dance studios in Maryland and Virginia.

Most people fail to distinguish between the many types of waltz. Viennese waltz has a particular appeal due to its more disciplined approach to pace. This is a gentleman’s dance, not an amateur’s game.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Step up to the challenge and master those skills with professional Viennese dance classes at Now and Then Dance Studios.

Viennese Waltz