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Being A Great Ballroom Dance Leader

In last week’s blog, called “Being A Good Ballroom Dance Leader”, we talked about how it feels to be a good leader.  We also explored different ways to be a strong leader.  Being a great ballroom dance leader is what separates you from the amateurs.

First of all, being a great ballroom dance leader means that you have a strong frame.  This means that when you take a frame, the follower instantly knows that they will be able to dance with you.  They instantly know that they’re in good hands and can relax and trust you.

Being A Great Ballroom Dance Leader
Secondly, in our curriculum we place a lot of emphasis in teaching a good, strong frame and how to maintain it.  At the same time (as we already discussed), we also teach the man to memorize the patterns that belong to each dance so that on the music.  This way he can plan ahead as to which pattern to dance next.

Generally at any dance, party, or ballroom dance occasion, there are always more ladies than there are men.  When a man is a great ballroom dance leader and the ladies sitting around notice that, then they become anxious to dance with him.  Granted, it is always more fun to dance with the most advanced, agile females.  But to sharpen the leading skills, my recommendation is to try dancing with the most challenging of partners.

Finally, the way to look at it that anyone can lead a great follower.  Learning to lead comes from knowing how to lead anyone – especially those who are the most challenging to lead.  Therefore, a great ballroom dance leader enhances their enjoyment of this art by being better at it.  When you can lead anyone in ballroom dancing, then you’re not worried about what patterns come next or avoiding obstacles (i.e. other people).  You can simply enjoy a social ballroom dance with your partner.

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